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Around my 33 years of age, and especially in the period from 1979 to 1986 , I got some very remarkable out of body experiences. It was a series of visions and dreams that left me both shaken and astounded for a very long time. No one had told me anything about the possibility to experience such a phenomenon. Having several visions out of the body and I didn't have any idea what to do with the dreams and visions. After a couple of years I came in contact with some people who had some meetings about dreams and the interpretation of dreams using especially the theories of Carl Gustaf Jung. But it did not catch my interest for long time, so again I was left alone with all my inspirations and nothing to do with them.

Fortunately I have noticed all my dreams and visions, because about 11 years after I began to have the experiences, I was led in the right direction after which, the dreams and visions successively began to came trough and more and more became a reality for me.


I realized that one can have dreams that can be vague and dreams and visions that are so clear that they sooner or later become as real as any physical matter. Then I also realized that my dreams and visions was not something which should be interpreted after one or another ordinary system, but after the extraordinary system and principles our ancestors have used for many a thousand years.Globally our ancestors have been inspired both by physically and spiritually observations. Their cosmological and mythological stories are sensed  by telepathic inspirations and their cultural buildings was made to reflect the order of both the creation of macro cosmos in heaven and micro cosmos creation on the Earth.All inspired people on the Earth have to all time of course got the same inspirations because the Creation as such "speaks" likely to all people all over the World who are minded to have these inspirations. That fact is also the explanation to the great similarity between symbols and ritual buildings all over the World.In the following below I will show some of my visions that started my interest for the Ancient Way of understanding the Natural Religion and what also are the cause of writing this website.

As an example of how an inner spiritual guidance can work, I will tell you of this experience, which REALLY got me going:

One night in my sleep, I suddenly became aware of a texted line which said: "The answer will come from the library". I wasnŽt aware of having asked any specific questions, but as usual, I wrote the text in my Dream/Vision Book. Three weeks after this , I went to the main library on my island to borrow some books and music. After the borrow registration on my way out, I noticed an advertizing on one of the building structure pillars. It was an advertizing for an Atlas over the Solar System with a placate, which showed the hemispheres contours of the Milky Way.Before I continue with my telling, I have to mention my huge interest for our local site location of ancient Rock Art and its varied symbolism - and by my observation of the advertizing image, I immediately knew it had to do with the interpretation of these ancient from the Stone- and Bronze Ages. On my way home in the bus, I had the strong feeling that I was the only present person on the planet, who was on the way to recall, revive and repeat the old natural, and in fact also an eternal cyclical knowledge. I tell you, I was shattered and heavily overloaded by this discovery from our local library - and I REALLY got the dream/vision answer, I was promised in this guided vision.

In the following IŽll describe an excerpt of my most of my significant visions.


I "woke up" from my sleep and found myself hovering over the Baltic Sea Island Bornholm on which I live. Out in the horizon I saw the beginning of what I believe was the morning Sun rising. I moved down and towards the east to meet the light just in the level with the ocean and stopped, waiting for the sun to rise.


But in stead of the Sun coming up, a golden so called Rock Carving Ship came sailing majestic against me and just as it passed, me I saw that the ship was pulled by a horse and on the horse a man was steering the hole scenery. This vision was the beginning of my interest for the old cultures after first looking on my own religious heritage and it's real value compared to a more natural way of understanding the nature of creation. And after a while I began to study the interesting symbols our ancestors have made on rocks and stones.


Again I woke up in a dream and this time I had the feeling that I was very far out in the space and  close to a strong cosmic source which was very radiating and penetrating.

Suddenly a rain of floating golden arrow shapes and green droplets came down on me and inside and even trough my mind and body. It was very vibrating and filled with high electrical energy, and I had a feeling that it had a kind of cleaning effect on my mind. Intuitively I sensed that my experience some information's about the Sun and it's creative forces.


3 pictures which, in my opinion, shows the same phenomenon as mine above. Picture 1 is Egyptian, picture 2 is Aztec and picture 3 is Native American.I can imagine that the findings of golden masks, as for instant the Aztec mask and the Egypt relief above with the sunbeams coming down, very well can refer to and symbolize the kind of experience, I here refer to in my out of the body vision. The Aztecs meant that the Golden masks and jewellery was made of the Golden Tears of the Sun God


When the Gold or the golden colour are being used in ancient cultures, it is not because of its economically value, but of its spiritual value and as a quality mark for a specific spiritual and personal development to use in the society in which you live.


This vision came also to me, flying out of my body. It was very clear to me that I was looking at the biggest wheel one can imagine, namely the Galaxy Wheel you can se in the night sky as a ring seemingly going around the Earth. This wheel are well known all over the World from ancient cultures and it is pictured with both 4 and 8 spokes. Sometimes also with concentric rings or cup marks. The intuitive knowledge deals with the 4 directions in the Galaxy connected to the location of our Solar System.


Again I am out of my sleeping body out in the space. This was an experience of both sounds and colours at the same time moving thundering up and down in the space.

The colours was beautiful pastels and the sound, which changed rhythmical together with the colours, was thundering in the space. Picture 1 is my own drawings of the experience and picture 2 which very much could show the same mythical experience, is from the Canaries Island, Las Palmas.

I can very well recognize what our ancestors have felt when they had their rituals in which the tried to create a similar sound using many different kinds of instruments to imitate the sounds of Creation. Modern astrophysics have re-discovered that for instance the Sun and the Cosmic Microwave Background have its special sounds, and they surely are to re-discover many other sounds in space, just as our ancestors have done and as it is possible for everybody who are interested in travelling the "cheap" spiritual way which costs nothing and not are polluting in any way.


When I met her from the dream stage and an spontaneous out-of-body travelling, I found myself floating in the dark space and on my back, observing a light brightening up in the horizon, and when lit more up, it showed to be a naked woman coming slowly towards me.As she was coming closer, she filled the entire space over me and she stopped with her naked breasts right over my face.

After a short while of looking at this mesmerizing scenario, five colored dots appeared on her brests: White, yellow, red, brown and black - which I immediately took for colors of humans she have nursed and still nurses.


And after a while of looking at this mesmerizing scenario, five colored dots appeared on her brests: White, yellow, red, brown and black - which I immediately took for colors of humans she have nursed and still nurses.


My own drawing and an African picture.

And suddenly, two beams of milk jumped out of her breasts and floated over me. This experience was very intense, even to the degree that I could smell a moist fertile soil and feel fertility procreation in my mind and body.

These inspirations have all led to a re-discovering of the Milky Way Mythology connection in all ancient cultural Stories of Creation. A Milky Way connection, which is the very basics in all Stories of Creation.