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When I use the term "Astrobiology" is it because in the following I will try to describe some phenomenon's that concerns some life-giving micro- and macro cosmological facts that have very little to do with modern terms of "Astrology", which in my opinion have got a large amount of incredibility by the modern way of interpretation an maybe otherwise originally ancient believe system.

Even though many people or scientists often mention, that our Sun (as well as many other micro- and macro cosmological energies and rhythms) are giving life to all plants, trees and thereby to creatures on the Earth, many scientists or people do not make the direct and conscious connection between the Sun and the concrete human transitional life. This is of course because the modern way of living is disconnected from much of the natural way of living.


Some thoughtful remarks: Who are thinking of the fact that the Sun are circling around the centre of our Galaxy with a speed at 250 kilometres per second? And that the Earth at the same time is moving around the Sun with about 30 kilometres per second? Astonishing speeds, right? Or in other words from the movie "The meaning of Life"

Title: Galaxy Song 

Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving

And revolving at nine thousand miles an hour.

It's orbiting at nineteen miles a second, so it's reckoned,

The sun that is the source of all our power.

Now the sun, and you and me, and all the stars that we can see,

Are moving at a million miles a day,

In the outer spiral arm, at fourteen thousand miles an hour,

Of a galaxy we call the Milky Way.


Our galaxy itself contains a hundred million stars;

It's a hundred thousand light-years side to side;

It bulges in the middle sixteen thousand light-years thick,

But out by us it's just three thousand light-years wide.

We're thirty thousand light-years from Galactic Central Point,

We go 'round every two hundred million years;

And our galaxy itself is one of millions of billions

In this amazing and expanding universe.


Our universe itself keeps on expanding and expanding,

In all of the directions it can whiz;

As fast as it can go, that's the speed of light, you know,

Twelve million miles a minute and that's the fastest speed there is.

So remember, when you're feeling very small and insecure,

How amazingly unlikely is your birth;

And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere out in space,

'Cause there's bugger all down here on Earth!

When dealing with a life connection between the rhythmic of the Sun and the specific human development and transitions, it is necessary to make clear, that humans are born more or less occasionally compared to the own rhythmic of the Sun. That is: There can be a minor difference in the qualitative development of a human being depending in which state the Sun are in its own actual phase.

The Sun are rotating around itself in about 27 days. The Sun has a cyclic magnetic full period in 21,6 years. The magnetic field of plus and minus changes after 10,8 year, when half of the full cyclic Sun period have gone. About the year 2000,5 the Sun topped a period and the next time will be approximately in the year 2011,3.

The 2 rhythms: The own rotation of the Sun in about 27 days, and the rhythm of the Sun period of 21,6 years, I will call these the 2 primary collective rhythms.

The specific transition period in the human physical development begins from the time of conception - and not at the time of birth as the common astrologers are telling us - in which the Sun is in a certain state of its 2 primary collective rhythms.


So how does the Astro-Biological periods of the Sun fit in to some specific periods and transitions of the human life? And how can we notice some human phenomenon that seem to fit into the phases of the Sun periods?


Sun Cycles




00,0 Year


1. Phase


 Physical conception

10,8 Year


2. Phase 


 W: Menstruation. M: Seamen. Voice change.

21,6 Year

1 Full

3. Phase


 W/M: Body developed/Spiritual conception

32,4 Year

1 1/2

4. Phase


 W&M: Adult purposes

43,2 Year

2 Full

5. Phase


 W&M: Menopause/"Dead"/Spiritual birth

 W = Woman, M = Man, W & K = Both.

In the scheme above, the Age column the Sun period of 21,6 years is divided in half periods of 10,8 years. But several ancient cultures was even operating with a marking system for every 5,4 year periods to mark the more specific transitions as well. With 2 fully Sun cycles of 43.2 years gone, an individual naturally should have gone through both the physical growth and spiritual rebirth and growth.


It is never possible to know the exact time of a solar cycle turning-point until after it has occurred, but the current solar cycle is expected to reach a low turning-point early in 2007.

MAXIMUM   Sep. 2017   May 2038
MINIMUM Jan. 2007   Jul. 2028  

As mentioned above, the combined forces of The Sun magnetism and the Earth magnetism are creating all life on the Earth. In order to use and understand how this influences a person, the approximate date of conception shall be related to the actual Sun rhythm and using the 5.4 year period, the 10.8 period and finally the 21.6 year period, one can predict and understand the natural physiological, psychological and spiritual transitions of development.


Concerning the female menstruation cycle, it is a common understanding that it follows the rhythm of the Moon, but that is nonsense. Except from a certain "shading" effect on the oceans with tide and flood, and maybe on some sensitive human beings at the same time when the tide and the flood are changing, the Moon has a minor influence what concerns the specific powers of life-giving energy. 

In the scheme above I haven't mentioned the Sun cycle of about 27 days of the Sun own rotation. But this cycle have of course something to do with the female menstruation period. Coincidentally the Moon and the Sun have 2 almost identical rhythms, and having the choice either to make the right and hidden or forgotten Sun-connection, the modern science chose the observable and wrong connection to the Moon. Well, that's why the Moon is a symbol for the sub consciousness.


What forms the Egg shape? In my opinion it is the cooperation between the Sun and the revolving of the Earth. The Solar wind presses on the Earth magnetic fields and shapes the field as and Egg-form. The life-giving powers from the Sun activates the magnetic field and the combined forces of light and matter creates the foetus. The egg white represents the Solar wind and the yellow egg yolk represents the Sun core. The Earth revolving results in the following cell dividing by twisting both the Sun- and the Earth magnetic fields until the foetus is physically ready to be born.

When it comes to the classical question of whether the Hen or the Egg come first, the answer is YES because the cosmological possibilities to create life always was/is there. Of course, one can argue that our solar system not always have been here, but the answer to such an argument is that the qualities of a light source always influences the matter in the Universe and therefore the Hen and the Egg always is, and always have been, a possibility in the Universe.


The schematic figure below with short and long rows of lines on and trough the centreline, are an medieval counting system, popularly called "The Game of Saint Peter". Nobody really knows what was the purpose and how it was played, but "it had something to do with the number or counting of 9", it is said.

Well, if the game had something to do with good old Saint Peter, it also must have had something to do with the salvation of the human souls in the afterlife. What is a good system of believe in order to be saved in the afterlife? Of course, the best system would be to live a life which is concordant to the creative heavenly power and also concordant to the golden rules of living in the social life.

Furthermore, a real and true salvation can come to everybody who live in the most naturally surroundings and to one who are following the natural rhythms of the seasons. And it is my believe that the origin of Saint Peters Game, must have come from a much earlier time period where a culture used the system as it once was meant to. That is to count the years and months in order to prepare every new transition for thereby to follow the true meaning and developing cycle for each and everyone.

A counting system of 9? Looking at the figure, we have on the upper side of the middle line, one row of small lines and one row of long lines going trough the midline. Counting the small lines, you get numbers from 1 to 5 and counting the long lines, you get numbers from 1 to 4. Could that be a kind of counting the divided Sun cycle of 5,4 years? The game number of 9? In my opinion, that could very well be the case!

A similar system could also be that of the so called Ogham- script which also have a number lines originally carved on the corners of a standing stone. In this script was also used numbers counting mostly with numbers of 5 which of course also could refer to the ancient belief about the 5 circles or Worlds of personal development in the physical and the spiritual growth.

The old sign and symbols, which originally was either a counting system for the Sun cycles or a pictogram for a certain expression, in my opinion have become just as  intellectualized as so many other ancient symbols, whereby the original meaning have been almost lost.

This stone, approximately from the time of early Viking Age, is standing in Sweden, Oestergoetland County, location Roeks. Apart from the text on the stone, the 3 wheels on top of the stone are very interesting. As mentioned above about marking numbers, we here again find the similar numbers from 1 - 5 on the 3 diagonal crosses. Another interesting feature is the "laying 8" figure right beneath the left cross. The symbol look surprisingly much like the modern sign for infinity.


Many native cultures have systemized their rituals in 5 circles or 5 worlds as seen below, in order to describe the individual transition periods throughout a lifetime.

 World/Circle   Function  Quality  Symbol
NR.1  Child  The Ego  Mouse
NR.2  Parents  The Family  Bear
NR.3  Hunter/Gather/Warrior   The People  Bison
 NR.4  Medicine. Male/Female   The Earth  Eagle
NR.5  Chief. Male/Female   The Heaven  Rainbow Ornaments

Some educated scholars, as well of some indigenous people, declare that the idea with the mythical meaning of the concept "The 5 Worlds" should be a kind of longer epochs in which after the ending of the 5. epoch, a big, global cataclysmic event should take place.

I don't think so! But then again! In the ancient mythological system of transitional happenings, there also was an event on a certain time of the development of an individual, in which the person would experience a specific, temporary and cataclysmic feeling of dead. And that specific event should take place as a transition towards getting knowledge about the spiritual World.

So the modern interpretation of the myth are right in that sense, but again the modern way of thinking and interpretations are going wrong because of the lack of mythological education, lack of natural rites, and lack of spiritual and intuitive ways of getting the relevant knowledge according to a certain natural state of the personally condition and age. 

What today are interpreted as a global cataclysmic event was originally meant as a mythological system for personal growth, physically and spiritually. What a significant difference it is to have a presumable knowledge of a soon coming global cataclysm in stead of having a knowledge of the fact, that the lifespan are filled whit transitional life and dead situations because, in order to grow towards a new, next, and higher state, you naturally have to leave the former state. That's a simple and natural truth.


Concludingly: By the - much to few of course - examples above of some similar symbols from different parts of the World, I hope to tell you, that "once upon a time" all people on the Earth had a Global common Sun Religion believes, until people began to worship individual persons and secular authorities, who mostly had the doubtful and momentarily joy of feeling power on one's own.

The clearest religion have been - and still is, and always will be - the religion which is based on the worship of our Sun and other macro-cosmological forces of creation in our Galaxy. 

Any else orthodox religion or sectarian fractions of religious believes that is based on a worship of any kind of person or intellectual dogma, have shown to be mostly matters of religious and cultural dividing, causing wars in stead of matters of gathering global solidarity and creating something to have as our Global, common believe. In that sense the Worship of the Sun is, and always will be, the best choice of religion.