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Let this be said at once: I'm NOT impressed by several hypothesis and theories of the modern science of Astrophysics or Cosmology. Partly because they creates more questions than answers and partly they creates a diversity of anomalies because of the lack of understanding the most obviously and observable natural laws.

And, when not understanding the direct observable natural laws, the scientists just adds some further speculative equations or mentally installs some "anti"- elements in order to "make the damn thing to react as expected" regarding to some "laws of nature" that NEVER complied from the very moment they first was stated as general cosmological "scientific laws".

New ideas and and a new Cosmological, Natural and Universal explanation are very much needed! So here it is:


Most of our Universe is a freezing coldness because of the Hydrogen and Helium that fills 99,9 % of the Universe.

This cold Universal basis of Hydrogen and Helium is the very course to the Background Radiation. It could be described as "The Omnipresence Media" in which all heavier matter are being formed, torn apart and reformed etc. etc.

The rest 0,1 % elements in our Universe are in a CONSTANTLY process of cluttering and spreading because of constantly cosmic explosions which makes the Molecular Gas- and Dust clouds to Whirl, Clutter, Melt and Explode etc. etc.

Therefore: There are NO beginning and there are NO end! There just are: In-folding and Out-folding processes on every microcosmically and macrocosmically level.

When an cosmic expansion happens, the expansive movement can only be braked universally again by Molecular Gas- and Dust Clouds, Suns and Planets or other explosive events in Cosmos. It is a Cosmic play of OPPOSITE PRESSURES in a Basic Media of Hydrogen and Helium.


There is NO linear cosmological movements!

Every movement in the Universe tells us of swirling matters and of things exploding. Still the scientists are making linear equations! And of course they will NEVER come to a linear understanding of something bending or swirling!

Empty space does NOT exist!

When cosmologists looks at the dark night Sky between the Stars and other heavenly bodies, they see nothing. "Darkness" becomes almost an obsession in their scientific minds for everything they don't see! Dark matter! Antimatter! Black holes = "Nothing very strong and black"! My goodness! It does NOT comply! There is no such thing as "empty space"! It is FULL of Hydrogen and Helium! It is FULL of constant background vibrations! And of clouds of Gas and Matter!

There is NO Universal time!

The concept of time is very convenient in order to get up in the morning; catch a bus etc. etc. But how does the time-concept comply to cosmically movements that swirls and bends? The scientific time-concept is universal nonsense! It does not even comply to the nearest Star and its True Solar Time! Time is NOT a linear phenomenon and therefore it does NOT comply in Universal matters.

The Space/Time-hypothesis does NOT comply!

Everything in Space is curving, swirling, contracting and expanding! What kind of a clock is needed to measure this kind of movement in the Universe? How can one make a time schedule for curving, implosive and explosive movements in Apace? The Space/Time equation does NOT comply!

The Newton and Einstein Laws of "Gravity" does NOT comply!

Scientists claims that The Universe is expanding. But they have NO laws for this! Their basic law is Contraction based on the false premises. How does a one-directed law comply to a two-directed movement? It obvious does NOT!

The Big Bang Theory does NOT comply!

Nothing can be created out of Nothing! Minus times minus does NOT comply! The Big Bang theory is a "double-minus-statement" and the theory gives a double amount of questions than answers. The Big Bang hypothesis is really not any better than the 4.000 year old biblical sudden statement: "Let there be Light"! It does simply NOT comply as a logical and natural explanation!

The Universe is NOT just about 15 trillion years old!

Looking back on a special movement in our Universe, the scientists tries to make us believe that one can measure the bending Universe. They can't even measure the true Solar time with a linear wristwatch! By the way: Which cosmological implications are imbedded in the True Solar Time? Your time-concepts does NOT comply even the to the slightest subject or object!

- And, when rejecting all the bad scientific hypothesis and Equations, I of course have to rise a new relevant Equation for a new and combined Holistic Cosmology, and here it is: (No hypothesis is needed)

Natural, simple and beautiful, isn't it?


Everything is always moving between centralisation/contraction and decentralisation/repulsion.

The Basics:

Basic Atomaric Principles:

Lighter Elements of Hydrogen and Helium. 99,9 % of the Universe. (The Cosmic Microwave Background)

Secondary Principles:

Heavier Elements 0,1 % of the Universe in locally Molecular Clouds, Galaxies, Stars and Planets etc.


Hot and Cold (X degree plus <–> minus 273 degree)


Expansion and Contraction.

Patter of movement 1:

Acceleration and Deceleration

Patter of movement 2:

Accelerating hot waves meets Gas and Dust matter and creates Swirls.

Patter of movement 3:

Right - and Left rotating Swirls

Patter of movement 4:

Vertical Up- or Downwards movements in Swirls.

Specifics of "Gravitation" (i.e:"Forces")

Interactive expansive forces with hot light and matter and breaking fields of Gas and dust and "Pressing Shading Effects" between nearby objects.

Specifics of Universe:

Light locations:                              

Exploding or Imploding actions

Darker locations:                              

Cold "empty space". The space is NOT empty, but full of Hydrogen and Helium = "Frozen Light" = "Dark matter".

Galactic specifics:

Bar Galaxies = Outgoing force

Ordinary Galaxies = Ingoing force.

"Black hole":

The Eye of the Galaxy = Just like a Hurricane

"Anti Gravity":

Does NOT exist! When "anti"-results are measured, it's just an "outside" force of PRESSURE! (Explanations below)


Before the creation of our Solar System, there was a cloud of molecular gas and dust. A cosmic ray from a exploding Novae activated the cloud and created 2 swirls in the cloud. The 2 swirls began to clutter the gas and dust. The amount of gas and dust in the 2 swirls was not equally heavy and therefore the lightest swirl got ahead of the heavier cloud in the ongoing process.

So there was 2 major processes in play before the Solar System was created and therefore we actually have 2 different Systems: 1 System containing much Dust and little Gas, and 1 System containing much Gas and little Dust. The first became the Solar systems inner planets and the second was, in my opinion, created about 1-2 million years before our inner Solar system, around Jupiter (and Saturn?) which is indicated by the many  Moons around these 2 major Gas planets.

Planets and some dwarf planets of the Solar System; while the sizes are to scale, the relative distances from the Sun are not. (From Wikipedia)

- Regarding the cluttering process in the 2 swirls, there are NOT any "Newton gravitational" processes going on in the ordinary and dogmatic understanding. It is simply the swirling effect from Novae waves that swirls

An outburst from a Quasar causing mushroom swirls in the globular gas. (How can a supposedly Black Hole in a Quasar emits anything out o the hole? Another Gravity anomaly!)

and compresses the gas and dust to such a degree, that it heats up, melts and explodes out in 2 directions from the created magnetic poles in the implosion. The cloud did NOT clutter "by it self" accordingly to the totally misunderstood "Newton Law of Gravity concept" or the Einstein theory of Relativity, which both basically is a cosmological nonsense.

- The Sun has its own magnetic sphere that changes and pulses in the Solar sphere, but beside that, the Sun has NO gravitational effects, ordinarily understood. In the contrary, the Solar Wind are PUSHING on the planets and this effect reaches far out in the Solar System. And the same goes for all other planets in our Solar System: They have NO build-in-forces-that-contracts-anything-else-outside! It is a Newton hoax-theory!

The Sun are PUSHING everything outwards until the outgoing force meets other extra Solar opposite forces that BRAKES the the outgoing Solar Wind. And such an opposite force is mainly coming from the centre of our Galaxy, the Milky Way.

NB: Another possibility is that our Solar System - and everything else in our Galaxy - could have been created right out of the centre of the Milky Way as astronomically observed by telescopes.


Just like the original swirling creation of our Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy also was/is a swirl of gas and dust creation, which once was started of by a major explosion from the surroundings of the molecular cloud, that later on became the Milky Way Galaxy. And just like the forming of swirls in the original Solar gas- and dust cloud, the very same once was/is happening with the original Milky Way gas- and dust cloud.

But a Galaxy is not "just an everyday Galaxy" with similar qualities and with similar movements. There are younger and older Galaxies. There are left- and right turning Galaxies. There are inwards- and outwards moving Galaxies.

And the inwards- or outwards swirling direction depends on how long the swirling process have been going on in an actual gas- and dust cloud.

And this again suggests and indicates, that BOTH processes can go on in the same Galaxy but then of course on the opposite vertical areas of the Galaxy. That is: In-folding activity on one side and out-folding activity on the opposite side at the same time. Just because of the swirling effect, the melting process and the explosion process!

This photo shows a younger Galaxy

Our own Milky Way does not look like the Galaxy above, and it does not have the same directional movement in the horizontal plane. The Galaxy above has diffuse and smooth going arms with clouds of gas and dust moving INWARDS towards the centre of the Galaxy. NOT accordingly to the "Newton Law of Gravity" (Or Einstein's relative Relativity Laws) - but SIMPLY because of the SWIRLING EFFECT that originally took place when the gas- and dust cloud was hit by an external PUSHING or PRESSING forces that began to swirl and compress the gas and dust.

Our Ancestors understood! A Galaxy can have both white and black holes in the Spiral!

The process in this Galaxy above, have not yet been that much compressed, but later on it will explode more or less suddenly. (Or maybe there really are an out-folding process on the opposite side of the Galaxy) Maybe it will be a very violent explosion or maybe it slowly will turn out to be a Globular Cluster of Stars and plasma, it all depends on many facts.

- Our Galaxy have the opposite horizontal movement and it have come further in the process compared to the Galaxy above, and therefore, our Galaxy is older and in another process of cosmological growth.

Image of the Milky Way

Our Milky Way Galaxy is a Bar-Galaxy. (Photo and X-ray photo).

The very immediate look of our Galaxy tells us clearly, that the actual movement in our Galaxy is going OUTWARDS. No inwards-going spiral arms in a Galaxy can abruptly take a suddenly 90 degree turn! But they can if we are talking about an out-going movement!

When a galactic cloud of gas and dust have been sufficient compressed by the swirling effect, it melts, explodes and can be spread again in a suddenly burst outwards from the 2 magnetic poles that was created in the melting stage. The 2 jets burst suddenly out while the movement of the original swirl is continuing. The 2 major arms goes right out and leaves the outburst of matter as tales, taking the shape of more and more spiral arms. And the 2 arms of suddenly outburst of matter forms the 2 characteristic Bars from the centre of our Galaxy as clearly seen above.


As mentioned above, there is an outgoing force from our Sun PUSHING at everything in the Solar System. But at the same time there also are an outgoing force from the centre in our Milky Way Galaxy (as well as other extragalactic forces pushing both at our galaxy and our Solar System) These combined forces keeps the relative balance - so far - in  the Solar system, and normally it it no problem.

But the interaction between these combined forces comes scientifically in to play especially when spaceships leaves our Solar system and begin to meet the extra Solar opposite directed power movement, as described below with the Pioneer Anomaly.


When the horizontal movement in the Milky Way clearly and surely is going OUTWARDS, there is NO ACTUAL INWARDS forces. That is: "THE NEWTON LAW OF GRAVITY" DOES - ALSO  NOT - WORK HERE! And when there is no inwards going forces in our Milky Way, there is NO little strong mysterious dwarf, called "Black Hole", sitting in the Milky Way centre PULLING at anything.

And the same goes for the inwards directed Galaxies: The presumed "Pulling Dwarf in the centre" is reduced to nothing, because the inwards force is just a simple result of an Nova explosion in the neighbourhood causing heated swirls in the molecular gas- and dust cloud.


Outwards or Inwards?

In February 2008 some Astrophysicists and Cosmologists announced that "the centre in our Galaxy is a colossal particle generator with a massive radiation of forces that effects Gas- and Dust clouds in the surroundings".

But how? How can the scientists at the SAME TIME keep working with the "Newton Law of Gravity" that pulls everything inwards in a "Black Hole", and at the same time announce "a massive out-radiating force" in the very centre that accordingly to the already accepted laws, should be PULLING at everything?

The movement in our Galaxy can NOT go both ways in the same time! This just shows how cosmological scientists time after time contradicts themselves caused by centuries of mental acceptance of the Newton Hoax.

Black Hole ripping atoms or assembling atoms?

In August 2008 some scientists announced that they have solved the mystery of young Suns formed close to the Milky Way centre "Black Hole". The scientists had made a computer simulation of a molecular cloud "falling in to a Black Hole" and thereby they stated that the simulation had confirmed how the young Suns was formed.

Again "the Newton century confusion" comes in to play: Does a "Black Hole" rips everything apart? Or does it build "New Suns"? How on Earth can they work with 1 (misunderstood) "Law of Gravity" that gives 2 contra dictionary results! Either everything are ripped apart in a "Black Hole" accordingly to the Newton Hoax Gravity, or everything in the centre of our Galaxy is being build up and on its way out of our Galaxy! It can NOT be both ways at the same time!

And what is the benefit of using misunderstood "Natural Laws" programmed in a computer that just spit out the result you are hoping and asking for? The only benefit is that the scientists are promoting them selves on behalf of true natural science.


What else is a Galaxy but a a giant parallel to an earthly Hurricane? Is "everything above not just as below"? Well, it really should be!

Simply because the creative forces ON Earth is a result from the original creative forces in our Galaxy and so on!

What if the centre in our Galaxy not contains anything else but the same hole in a Hurricane? Are "a black hole" then just black because the background of the hole is black as the hole in a Hurricane is blue because the Sky above the Earth is blue?

There is NO little strong dwarf sitting in the Hurricane centre pulling at anything! It is just a hole! But on the inside swirling there is strong forces going on! And the movement of a Hurricane is either clockwise or anticlockwise. Either inwards directed or outwards directed. Either upwards or downwards directed. Or simply: Similar principal weather system movements as in Galaxies!

It is just "Above like Below": This picture of an Earthly Weather system forming swirls or whirls indicates very clearly what also is going on everywhere else in Cosmos.



Oh, dear! I am very sorry to be told by modern cosmologists that Nothingness ruled before the Universe and our Galaxy was created. And the latest modern cosmological theory goes on that the created Universe again will disappear into that Nothingness from where it not was created before Big Bang, according to another Theory. Confused?

- I don't believe in the "Big Bang" theory! The theory is basically no logical and it is a cosmological nonsense with many contra-dictionary implements. Surely there must have been something before the was nothing! Nothing have ever started with a "Big Bang" and nothing will ever end with a "Big Crunch". But EVERYTHING is in a eternal movement between contraction and expansion. It's simply a Natural Law.

Surely there must have been Something before "a big bang" that Created our Universe and our Galaxy!? How can modern cosmological scientists claim and maintain such an idiosyncrasy which really is no better cosmological explanation than in the Biblical statement: "Let there be light"!? And what kind of an cosmological and scientific explanation is such a statement? None!

I know how: Because the scientists mainly are using the intellectual side of their brain and because they have lost the connection to Mother Nature that could have given the scientists the natural wisdom which mirrors all matters "in the Sky as well on the Earth". 


"Stars are born of cosmic clouds of dust (Nebulas) in the Galaxies as seen on the picture below with the Eagle Nebulae.

Scientific quotation: "The cloud contains mainly of Hydrogen and dust in extreme coldness around 260 degree below the Celsius freezing point, which lowest degree are minus 273 Celsius. On a certain point of time, the cloud contents of atoms, molecules and dust begins to clot together and form still larger clots. Accordingly to this cluttering, the Gravity is increasingly accelerated, whereby the cloud contracts so violently that it shatters in minor parts which later on can be formed as Stars", end of quotation.

Everything very well explained - except from the Gravity part of the explanation which the Cosmologists and Astrophysics totally have misunderstood all back since the Newton Gravity Law was launched. The ordinary understanding of "gravity" is a major hoax and an illusion! Except from a minor local planetary magnetism, nothing PULLS at anything else.

From the scientific quotation above: "On a certain point of time, the cloud contents of atoms, molecules and dust begins to clot together . . ."!? What illusive power makes the elements to BEGIN to clot together in the first place? Does the ordinary Law of Gravity contains "a suddenly contractional quality force" that SUDDENLY can switch off and on? That is pure cosmological nonsense! The power that makes the cloud contents of atoms, molecules and dust to clutter must CERTAINLY have been switched ON the whole time! And so it is!

The Cosmological principles of Expansion and Contraction which everyone can observe everywhere in Micro Cosmos as well in Macro Cosmos.


When underlined this Universal fact very clearly, I also hurry with this addition: In smaller connections and on smaller cosmological scales there is also solar forces and electromagnetic waves that directly PUSHES on planets and so on. But there is NO forces that pulls in one another. The observation of such a connection is simply a SEEMINGLY effect caused by a "shadowing situation" between objects.


There are some observations that are not adequately accounted for, which may point to the need for better theories of gravity or perhaps be explained in other ways. (You can say that again!)

Stars on the outskirts of galaxies are moving faster than they should. Also galaxies within galaxy clusters are moving faster than they should. Dark Matter and MOND have both been proposed as explanations. (Maybe accordingly to the Newton Hoax Law, yes. But NOT accordingly to my explanations above!)

The expansion of the universe seems to be speeding up. Dark Energy has been proposed to explain this. A recent alternative explanation is that the geometry of space is not homogeneous (due to clusters of galaxies) and that when the data is reinterpreted to take this into account, the expansion is not speeding up after all. (Just read above: When an expansion reaches far enough out, it will be braked by other outgoing forces)

The Pioneer spacecraft seem to be slowing down in a way which has yet to be explained. (Just read below!)

Various spacecraft have experienced greater accelerations during slingshot manoeuvres than expected. (Because they are under influence of the Solar Wind directed out going power and under the influence of the same outgoing forces form our Galaxy - AND they are under influence of the COMBINED forces from the Sun and our Galaxy some times more and sometime less, all depending in which direction the crafts are moving compared to the Sun and to the direction in the centre of our Galaxy).

An apparent frame dragging effect has been measured by Martin Tajmar and others which exceeds that predicted by General Relativity by many orders of magnitude. (It just clearly shows that neither the Newton Law of Gravity or the Relativity Law of Einstein can explain the most simple an natural cosmological movement and therefore should be rejected and abandoned as soon as possible)


Radiation Pressure


Gravity Anomaly





- Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have identified the source of a mysterious blue light surrounding a supermassive black hole in our neighboring Andromeda Galaxy (M31). Though the light has puzzled astronomers for more than a decade, the new discovery makes the story even more mysterious.

The blue light is coming from a disk of hot, young stars. These stars are whipping around the black hole in much the same way as planets in our solar system are revolving around the Sun. Astronomers are perplexed about how the pancake-shaped disk of stars could form so close to a giant black hole. In such a hostile environment, the black hole's tidal forces should tear matter apart, making it difficult for gas and dust to collapse and form stars.

Clearly, the scientist again gets it all wrong because of "the Newton Gravity hoax" which are embedded or cemented in their brains. The forming of NEW Stars in the centre of the Andromeda Galaxy clearly indicates and OUT-GOING-EXPANSION and NOT AN IN-GOING-CONTRACTION!

Or an even further more worse scientific cosmic scenario: And in-going force on the one side of the Galaxy - and an out-going force on the other side of the Galaxy. Just as the movement in a Hurricane! How does the "Newton and Einstein law of gravity" comply and compute to such a movement?


Picture 1 is a star atlas picture of the southern Milky Way contours with an inserted celestial pole and an animated swirl, representing the centre of our Galaxy. Picture 2 from Egypt shows the Mother Goddess in the Sky. Out from her womb rays of matter floats and gives shape to all matter in our Galaxy. Under her head a circle is placed in much the same spot as in the star map picture. How did our ancestors get to know such cosmological facts?

In the Norse Mythology the story of Creation begins with a Ginnungagap, which contains the hole universe. In the northern part, Niflheim, there is coldness and moisture. In south, Muspelheim is warm and glowing. From Muspelheim hot sparks flew out and mingled with the cold and moist then creating the Heavenly Cow which nursed the first giant, Ymer. Myths of Creation

From the Norse and many other mythological storytelling we directly can learn, that life in cosmos is created when warm matter meets cold matter. When warm and cold macrocosmic matter meets, big swirls is formed, just like we know from modern astronomical observations of galaxies. And just like we can se from hurricanes, many Galaxies also have holes in the centre just like "twisters" have. "As above, so it also is down below".


What you can observe in small scale on the Earth, you also can observe in big scale in the Sky. In my opinion it is not necessary to send expensive tin-cans out in the Universe in order to understand cosmos. 


Compared with the Mythic way of understanding Cosmos, the modern way is an one way track science in the sense that the scientists mainly are using one side of their brains. In order to complete a whole picture and a whole knowledge, you have to look at everything from at least 2 sides. The one-way-track-mind creates strange theories which very often is directly contradictory and the track prevents the scientists to really understand simple cosmological facts.


The day Newton had nothing else to do but laying under an apple tree, he just should have eaten the falling apple in stead of making brain spin out of the event. That had prevented much of that false knowledge which later on was cemented in the brains of coming cosmological scientists. 

Imagine that the Newton apple tree have been so tall that its treetop was placed in the so called "no gravity space" out from the Earth. Then the apple never had fallen to the ground of Earth! But Newton just stated that the Earth is pulling on the apple!

- In a BBC documentary on Comets it is now stated, that Newton did NOT make his Law of Gravity by watching an apple falling, but by watching a comet orbiting the Sun. Well, then Newton should have given it a closer look and asked himself why the Comet tale was pressed out and away from the Sun! Clearly, the Newton law of Gravity is basically a fake! And in the same documentary it is also stated that our Sun produce waves of PRESSURE and that other stars influences on our Solar System by their PRESSURE waves!

This picture of a Comet passing around the Sun, illustrates clearly the outgoing pressure force from the Sun. The picture shows the opposite of the Newton Gravity Theory with the Comet tale radiating AWAY from the Sun in stead of the Comet being PULLED towards the Sun. There is NO pull!


The fact that the Moon is slowly moving further AWAY from the Earth does not confirm Newton's pulling effect, does it? No, another explanation is necessary in order to understand what is going on.

What strong force is able to pull at anything at the same time on the Earth from a central position inside the Earth? It does not seems logical, does it? The longer one moves toward the centre of the Earth, the smaller is the mass which can pull at you! And if you imagine yourself being in the atomic centre of the Earth, there is no more any matter which can pull at anything! The "Newton Law of Gravity " is gaga!

Of course I do not claim that gravity does not exist. I just claim that Gravity is not an effect of pulling forces. At the contrary, Gravity is an effect of combined PUSHING COSMIC FORCES and cosmic movements of the celestial bodies. Such as the Earth rotation, the Solar Wind, the gravity waves in our Galaxy, the shading effect from the Moon on both the Solar wind and on the Galaxy and extragalactic gravity forces.

The planets does NOT PULL at one another! It is NOT the Earth gravitation which PULL us down to the ground! In fact, there is really even no cosmological DOWN or UP!


From our Weather forecast we are familiar with expressions as High- and Low pressure. These terminologies is more precise in order to describe the forces which hold us down on the Earth and other matters concerning micro- and macrocosmic movements.

The Sun creates a outgoing force which is pressing on all the Planets and further out in space. From the centre of our Galaxy there is another outgoing force which also is pressing on the Solar-System. In general, and simplified, it is these 2 forces that holds the Planets in movement and in relative balance in the Solar system. "Gravity" is just 2 opposite forces in this case!

The newest modern cosmological knowledge from 11/23.2004 shows the outgoing force from the Sun meeting the outgoing force from the Galaxy. (Stjernevind/Galaksevind) This picture confirmed my intuitive understanding of gravitational forces in our Solar system and in our Galaxy.

The average Solar- and Galaxy pressure on every person on Earth is approximately 2 pounds pr. square-centimetre. This pressure is of course not constant as with everything else in the Universe. The pressure varies with the rhythm of the Sun, the Moon and with the actual outgoing Galaxy force.

Imagine the outgoing force from the Sun creating a pressure on the Earth. This pressure creates in its own a delayed tide wave around the Earth. When the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun, the pressure will be lesser because the Moon "shades" for the pressure on the Earth. 

It is first of all the pressure from the Sun together with the revolving Earth that create the round shape of the Earth and other Planets.


This picture of a Comet passing around the Sun, illustrates clearly the outgoing pressure force from the Sun. The picture shows the opposite of the Newton Gravity Theory with the Comet tale radiating AWAY from the Sun in stead of the Comet being PULLED towards the Sun.

Clearly the Sun is NOT PULLING but PRESSING. And if some planet is positioned between the Sun and another planet this Pressure will be "SHADED" with the result of some lesser pressure on the shaded planet.

And how can one explain the fact that the Moon is moving AWAY from the Earth by 3,8 centimetre every year if the 2 heavenly bodies is pulling at one another with enormous forces? It does not make sense!


We small people on the Earth operates with a very small time-concept which conveniently is connected to the cycle of day and night. But transferring these rules from this small time concept on to macrocosmic  matters, we will fail to understand the real matter. The Earthly time concept is Linear and it doesn't work beyond the borders of the Earth. And it even really doesn't work accordingly to the True solar Time!

Strange enough, cosmological scientists observes lots and lots of Galaxies which are moving and seem to infolding an out folding matter - but anyway the scientists still operates with the excludingly linear time concept on the clearly in-folding and out- folding Space. Therefore: "Time" can NOT be connected to Space" The Time/Space concept does NOT work!

The Universe is full of revolving, bending, folding and swirling matters in space". When these matters behave in a non-linear way, we have to change our linear time concept in order to understand the behaviour of these movements.

NOTHING in the Universe moves in linear patterns! So why is it that cosmological scientists is working with linear theories?


Observing many Galaxies, the Astronomers often find a so called "black hole" in the middle of a Galaxy as seen on the 2 pictures above. But picture 1 does not show a Galaxy. It shows a satellite photo of a Hurricane. In the eye of a hurricane there is nothing physically to observe. Most of the modern cosmological scientists can not or will not se the resemblance between "up there" and "down here".

What modern scientists can not se or weigh, it claims something not existing. The hole in a Galaxy then describes then as a "nothingness" which anyway contains a great power, "antimatter".

Looking at the beginning of a Thunderstorm when cold matter meets warm matter, it builds up, folds out, and begins to swirl. The powerful swirling creates the hole in the hurricane and the swirling matter becomes charged around the hole, which have no power in it self. 

There is no matter or antimatter in the hole. It is empty for matter but full of power around the hole. A power which can be downwards- or upwards directed and at the same time folding in or out of itself until the hurricane dissolves.

Our ancestors have many symbols which shows macro- and micro cosmological phenomenon's. For instance the Anglo-Saxon picture to the left above, which shows even the minor swirls around the major hole of a hurricane. The 2 Asiatic swastika symbols to the right shows a left- and a right turning swirl, just like the low-pressure and high-pressure hurricanes and weather systems.


The very idea of "swirling patterns" are not new. I'm sure our ancestors had a much greater purpose making swirls in stones and other materials than "just for fun". And I'm even sure they had some spiritual visions of the creative forces in Cosmos. I mean, as I myself was able to have such spiritual Visions some years ago in the middle of the modern hurly burly, what could our ancestors then spiritually have achieved in the quiet Nature?



The entrance of the Ritual Megalithic Newgrange, Ireland

Swirling patterns on Viking Stone. Bro, Sweden


Spiral patterns on a Bronze Age Shield, Denmark


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