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If you are thinking of making a large symbol on the Earth for the largest figure on the heavenly Sky, you hardly can make it greater than our ancestors did it with setting the  stone rows or alignments of megalithic stones.

The Carnac stone rows could be a very god way of making a big symbol for the biggest figure you can se on the night Sky namely the white contours of the Milky Way Line which in my opinion also was our ancestors purpose of making these mega monuments.



Picture 1 an 2 is from Denmark, island Bornholm in the Baltic Ocean, location Boelshavn, shows the remains of an ancient "stone ship setting". Officially the stones is called "Holy Woman and her 9 Children", but "once upon a time" there was more standing stones - or "children". Actually, the location should more likely be named as the "Holy Man and his 9 Children" because it is the female megalithic stone which are turned over and broken beside the still standing male stone, compared to the northern Milky Way contours on the astronomically star map to the left of the male stone.

The fact that many of our ancient megalithic stones are turned over or blasted in pieces and used as building materials, I think it was the influence from the Lutheran Reformation, where all what was natural was "the Devils work". In our days, fortunately, we again are again beginning to know better.

Just to show you how our ancestors did a good job in order to shape a holy stone so similar as possible in deep respect for their spiritual, ritual, mythological, natural and intuitive inspirations and feelings for the nature of the creation. Picture 1 shows the female contours of the southern Milky Way and picture 2 with the clear female hairstyle are from Denmark, Bornholm, location Stammershalle.

E-Mail response on the TV Documentary "Stonehenge Decoded":
John C. Barrett
Professor and Archaeologist
University of Sheffield
Ivar Nielsen
Pileloekken 7
DK 3770 Allinge
Baltic island of Bornholm
Dear John C. Barrett,
I have tried to send this text to Michael Parker Pearson, but my mail was automatically rejected by the mail server. Making a further google search on "Stonehenge Decoded" I found your somewhat critical article about this matter, and therefore I want to send the text to you. (Maybe you are able to provide me a working mail-address to Michael? You are also welcome to forward this mail to Michael, if you chose)

Humans and their Megalithic Stones
I want to express my gratitude for watching the very interesting TV Documentary "Stonehenge Decoded". The actual archaeological discoveries of the whole complex are a Job Well Done! Congratulations!
- As a very interested layman (and with just 7 years of ordinary Public School in Denmark), I have been studying human ancient matters for several years, originally started of in 1979 with some spiritual experiences which were unforced by me. They just happened to me. But they make me wonder and ponder of many things in life. And very often I have alternative questions and answers regarding lots of issues. This also regards some issues in "Stonehenge Decoded" Documentary.
Several times I have heard archaeologists and still living native people telling mythological story which seems to have lost the deeper mythological meaning and sense. In "Stonehenge Decoded", the local archaeologist, Ramilson, stated about the local Tandroy People of Madagaskar, that "the Tandroy ancestors inhabits the megalithic stones".
But the Ramilson statement very much makes me wonder. The dead ancestral spirits really living in the stones? Could Ramilsonīs statement or assertion have a more specific meaning? And it seems to me that it is a little farfetched to claim the Wooden Henge as a ritual site for the living and the Stonehenge a ritual site for the dead.
Would the local ancestors on the Plain really make more efforts to build heavy stone structures in several periods for the dead than for the living? Could the Wooden Henge and the Stonehenge not just be 2 similar structures for the same purpose or 2 separate astronomical/cosmological/mythological purposes? I think so! And I also thinks that the real purpose for building both structures could of a deeper meaning than many modern people can imagine.
- Which deeper meaningful and understandable connection can there be between "ritual stone- or wood settings in an ancient monumental building" and "ancestors"? It depends of course of the meaning of setting stones and building large megalithic structures under great strains. And where comes the "ancestors" into the picture of the story telling? Can there be a deeper meaning than just proclaiming and saying that "the ancestors inhabits the stones"?
First you have of course to know the purpose of setting stones and building the ritual structures, and you donīt build such large and heavy structures without a real good purpose! You do this in order to mark specific important events that really matters and gives a real meaning for your tribal life. And, if you really think that the spirits lives on after the physical death, there was/is many other local places where the ancestral spirits can rest besides in some standing stones?
"Ancestors" are, in my opinion, not just "Forefathers" or dead members in an ancient family group. In the deepest sense, the concepts of "Ancestral" and "Forefathers" can be connected with the very telling of the mythological story of Creation and the origin of mankind. Where did we come from and how did this happened? Did we just grow up from the soil of the Earth or was other "unearthly" conditions in play? Where do we meet the first telling of the human origin, if not from the Creation stories from a lot of ancient peoples and in the later written Religious telling?
- In order to find out the question of the origin of the mankind, you have to know something about the cosmological conditions that creates the possibility of life on Earth. The basic life seems immediately to grow by itself, but we all know that the Sun have its specific influences on the life on Earth. So, imagine living in ancient times, we have to extend our knowledge at least to the Sun influences and the changes of the Seasons. Therefore: Setting stones to mark the Sun and thereby the seasons, were, as you surely know, really important in the ancient time.
These physical observations is for many people a quite sufficient and enough explanation to the questions of "where we came from and where we go to" because this is just the fact of all living things in nature. And it really also should be a sufficient facts for modern archaeologists when the find and study these ancient stones and monumentally buildings, that the archaeologists makes the real mental and conscious connection to larger cosmological conditions than just the comfortable: "It must be something ritual".
And when we have studied the Earth/Sun relationship for a while, we maybe also begin to wonder over the view in the seemingly revolving night Sky with the Stars and the white band that vaults over the Sky, the contours of the Milky Way. An that is just what many ancient cultures have pondered over for thousands of years. Stars have been connected into figures of all human and animal kinds. Star constellations have been plotted and symbolized all over the world and is very recognizable.
When it comes to gathering knowledge and setting stones marking the Sun directions and setting marking stones it's "just" a matter of observing the Sun throughout some years and set the stones in the seasonal directions from a central marking stone. And when it comes to the physical observations of the night Sky, you can do the very same if you want to mark the north pole or some specific Stars or Star constellations.
It is quite another question of understanding our forefathers/foremothers way of gathering real knowledge on the extra terrestrial areas outside the Earth and outside the Solar System. In this case, there are no other possibilities for understanding the ancestral way of gathering knowledge, but really to accept the whole concept of "spiritual traveling", which is very difficult for modern people mentally to grasp, while mostly getting modern Astronomical and Cosmological "outer space" knowledge by technological instruments of all kinds.
Often one hear or read about "shamanistic mind traveling out in space" but very few describes what the "cosmic mind travelers" really gathers of information from the outer Space. But how else could our ancestors get their ideas to "the story of Creation"? Have our ancestors discovered much more of Space than the modern human beings can understand? Well, I think so!
But how on Earth can one make the arguments for, and explain a possible enormous ancestral Space/Galactic knowledge? Well, one really can't without finding a lot of ancient symbols and story telling of Creation and try to compare the symbols and telling to the modern scientific knowledge of Astronomy and Cosmology.
And such a common knowledge seems, in my opinion, to be factual. And also in my opinion, our ancestors were/are well, very well ahead of the modern science regarding a Holistic understanding of everything on Earth and in the Heaven.
- The very idea and practice of the technological and industrial "development" and the very idea of the "Newton and Einstein Laws of gravity" are the worst modern obstacles in order to get a Holistic and Universal knowledge similar to our ancestors.
Our ancestors had no trouble with any laws of gravity, their spirits could easily move anywhere they wanted, but because of the modern technological way of getting knowledge by spacecrafts and astronomical instruments, the modern human beings are physical and mentally stuck of gravitational difficulties, launching very heavy tin cans in Space and getting very speculative information by instruments, in stead of launching their Spirits the Ancestral Way of gathering intuitive and immediate knowledge.
Well John, these are my "wonders and ponders".
Feel Very Welcome to se my furthermore wonders and ponders in my site:
http://www.native-science.net - it's not dogmatic religious in any ways, just natural.
And if you have the time, I would be very pleased to get a email from you!
All the best from Ivar Nielsen, the the Baltic Island of Bornholm, Denmark.

NB: An ancestral location 200 metres nearby my adress:
 English introduction: http://www.bornholmsmuseer.dk/helleristninger/English/English.html
 Danish descriptions: http://www.bornholmsmuseer.dk/helleristninger/lokaliteter/Madsebakkeopt/Madse_altom.html

Ivar Nielsen
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