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The North Pole Centre

When our ancestors began to become settlers, they also began to build their villages much likely to their knowledge and ideas of the heavenly pictures and its cosmological meaning.

This copy sketched picture (1) from Denmark, northern Jutland, location Udsholt, shows 2 significant features. First the (black marked) group of cupmarks with a wheel showing the star constellation of Ursa Minor or Little Bear, and the northern circumpolar centre in the night sky as shown on the star map picture beside to the right. Secondly the figure with the numbers to the left. If you extend the lines out from the concentric rings, you will get the 4 cardinal directions in our Galaxy compared to the placement of the Sun System.

As it again is about to be a common knowledge, at least amongst astroarchaeologists, our ancestors placed their holy places in alignment with the Sun and the Moon. But it is not quite as well recognized that our ancestors also build their holy places in alignment with the cardinal directions of our Galaxy.

Possible Galactic Poles

The middle picture (2) is a printed section taken from a celestial computer program. The green circle represent the Northern Celestial Pole (NCP), and the red circle represent the Northern Galactic Pole (NGP).

If you stitch picture 1 above and picture 2 together, you have got a remarkable resemblance between ancient intuitive knowledge and modern science! In my opinion our ancestors clearly have sensed some cosmological facts which seemingly can be confirmed by modern astronomical and cosmological science!

In the prolonged directions of the rounded "arms" in the red circle cross, you have the star constellation of Sagittarius and the centre of our Galaxy pointing at number 1. In line 2 you will se the constellation of Pisces. Line 3 shows the direction towards the star constellations of Gemini and the line 4 point towards the star constellation of Virgo. The spot of the Northern Galactic Pole (NGP) are placed approximately at "Berenices Hair Locks" or "Charles's Heart".

The First Milky Way Direction

North South

This situation is to be seen at midnight, January the 4īth, and our ancestors had two significant stars, namely Vega in Lyra and Sirius in The Big Dog, as their guiding stars to mark a celestial line to this special holy celestial constellation time of the year. Drawing a line from Sirius over the celestial pole location and further on to Vega and extend the line, one will get the direction to the galactic centre, from where all things in our galaxy is created and therefore is an important part of the globally Stories of Creation.

The southern hemisphere guideline.

Drawing a line from Sirius over Canopus and the south celestial pole area and further on to the constellation of Sagittarius this line show the mytho-cosmological direction to the Milky Way center which is the very basics of the global Stories of Creation.

The 4 Milky Way Directions

Picture 1 above is from Denmark, locality Als. The cupmarks on the middle stone is showing the star constellation of The Big Bear or The Big Dipper, and underneath there is a 4 spoke wheel. If you prolong the spoke lines, also on a star map, you will get the 4 cardinal directions in our Galaxy compared to the location of our Solar System.

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