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Note: The following chapter is my newest and underway taking of making an update of the Creation Story in Norse Mythology which fit to modern cosmology - if the modern cosmology fits to the Creation Stories at all.

It would be interesting to relaunch an updated example of Norse Creation Myth, which can be compared to modern cosmology. But if we try this, we first IMO must consider if the ancient creation stories spoke about the entire Universe or “just” the specific creation of our Solar System and its direct connection with the Milky Way and its creation.

I think he latter is the case, based on my mythical understanding and cosmological comparisons, but our ancestors also knew of the realms outside our Milky Way galaxy. (MW-G)

As the Norse Creation story takes off with nothing, we must have descriptions, names and symbols for:

A.     The cold cosmic pre-conditions of the MW-G creation.

B.     What forces activates the cosmic elements to be assembled?

C.     What happen as the actual creation takes place.

D.    Which visible results ca be observed from this creation?

E.     What names, and attributes, and telling can be ascribed to the physical observations?

Ad. A: It begins with unordered “waters” of gas and dust.

Ad. B: It is activated by electromagnetic (Light) charges (and Sound) which sets everything in this "watery cloud" in a swirling centripetal (Swalloving/Devouring) motion.

Ad. C: This motion results in a heating of the gases and dust elements, which turns on a fiery light in the center, thus beginning to create the Milky Way galaxy.

Ad D: The visible results is foremost the contours of the Milky Way galaxy on both hemispheres, which both provides myths and names for the first humans and animals.

Ad E: Now it is the task to use the most natural heritage from the Norse Creation to this retold cosmological and mythological scenario

If my perception of the Norse Creation myth is OK, then we have 3 overall realms:

F. The Milky Way band and its size, its color, and its contours. This is the most giant observable structure in the night Sky = Utgard.

G. The Day and Nighttime objects and their motions over the Earth = Asgard.

H. The Earth on where we and everything else live = Midgard.

We now have an Earth:

I. Which is described in 3 sub realms with a northern hemisphere, the middle (equator) hemisphere, and the southern hemisphere.

J. Where the northern hemisphere is the upper one for us living here, and the southern one is under our horizon = The Under-Realm, the Underworld, or the Netherworld. Its around Midgard, our Earth, the giant Utgard Serpent or Dragon is encircling, thus also representing the Milky Way band around the Earth.

K. And its rotation, its orbital motion in the Solar System, which once was created in the Milky Way Galaxy, and it is now a question of how we humans can experience the location of the creation as it once happened – and still is happening.

L. The creation took place in the Utgard realm, in the center of our Milky Way galaxy, and to find and worship this center, we must have a natural time of the year to mark the direction to the galactic center and this guiding dateline is January 4th and July 4th where the Earth is located on its orbital motion and having a direct guiding lineage to the Milky Way center.

M. This guiding direction, is found by drawing a line from the Canis Major Sirius Star, over the north pole center and further on to Vega, in the constellation of Lyra. From here, the line is prolonged further in the direction of constellation Sagittarius, which is the creation center of our galaxy.

It is in this entire scenario we shall have the gigantic Ask Yggdrasil placed, and the natural and logical please is in the center of our local creation in the Universe, the middle of the Milky Way. This is BOTH the Three of Life and Three of Knowledge, and it contains all the cyclical knowledge of Life and Death. A cycle which we all experience throughout our birth to our death.

In some ancient Rock Carving locations, we ca find TWO threes engraved, a bigger one, representing the Milky Way Ask Yggdrasil, and a minor one, representing the Earth and its annual cyclical creation.

As far as I´ve understood as Comparative Mythologist, our ancestors had the Universe to be just one and an eternal one as well.  In this Universe, everything undergoes a process of eternal changes between Formation/Creation, a Dissolution, and a Re-Formation/Creation and this goes both for the Light/Soul-Part as well for the “Soil/Body-Part in all creation.

The following is an older part of my attempt but it can be used as as complementary telling.

By comparing the old mythological explanation to modern Astronomy and Cosmology, it seems to me probable to show a common knowledge, which, for the first part, is experienced by physically and spiritually senses and for the other part is knowledge based on modern instrumental Astronomical and Cosmological measurements.

If such a comparison is successful, a great implication must be: The human spirit is able to gain Cosmological knowledge about the Earth, the Solar system and the Galaxy without the use of any instruments. And it is my claim that there is a big different between getting Cosmological knowledge spiritually and instrumentally. Instrumental measurements and knowledge tends to bond to the Linear World picture and the spiritual knowledge to the Circular World picture. And, although the modern scientists of course can be very ecstatic and emotional when new knowledge is gained, the spiritual way of experiencing the Cosmos creates a great respect for the creative forces, which gained intuitively, gives the basic understanding how to live concordantly with the creative forces on the Earth and outside the Earth.

The (Accumulated) Norse mythological family.


When you are dealing with the Norse mythology, you must have in mind that, except from the Creation Myth itself, there is many layers of telling added throughout the time. Gods and Goddesses have been described from one time to another, and maybe the Gods and Goddesses from other cultures have been added with the increasing movements of populations. In order to distinguish and categorize the Gods and Goddesses, one must concentrate on their specific and common attributes. In this matter, the Comparative Mythology and Religion is of great importance to study.

And it is astoundingly firstly how identical the Story of Creation is told all over the World and secondly how identical the Gods and Goddesses are described also all over the World. Globally the stories are very similar! And only local conditions use some different animals - and anthropomorphic beings - to describe the meaning of the different myths. Of course there is this common knowledge! We all live on the same planet under the same sky under the same cosmological conditions!


(The Mythological Story itself in blueprint - comments and explanations in ordinary print)


The Story of Creation in the Norse Mythology begins in the great emptiness, called Ginnungagap.

This opening of the story can immediately be compared to the modern theory of Big Bang: "Before there was something, there was nothing"! Or: "Out of nothing emerged everything".

Both explanations should of course not been taking literally - and, in my opinion, both telling should be understood as a "technique" to explain the basics of how creative forces merges the material and later on expands in cosmos in a rhythmic and cyclic movement.


1 is the number for Everything. 2 for Light and Matter, for Warmth and Cold and for expansion and contraction. 3 is for the combined worlds of the Earth, the Solar System and our Galaxy. 4 is for Air, Fire, Water and Soil. 8 is for the interaction of the 4 elements. By this description one can easily imagine even modern atomic principles which is used in many moderns scientific branches. And just think about how the weather changes and interacts throughout the seasons.


We set the number in (1 = Everything) and begin the Norse Story of Creation with the 2 basic qualities:

In the warm Muspelheim in the South, sparkles and glowing embers from Fire are flying out and spreads towards the northern part in Ginnungagap, Niflheim, where darkness and coldness has deep-frozen all matter.

Now: In order to describe the originally creative and characteristically powers, one can only describe the movement and progression of these powers in familiar terms. And the familiar terms comes from the seasonal changes of the Year. And when using the seasonal changing's as a story telling technique, our ancestors also have described that "everything above is like below". That is: The same forces and laws works both in Macro Cosmos and Micro Cosmos.

- The fire, light and warmth from Muspelheim meets the frozen matter from Niflheim in "the middle of Ginnungagap = "the centre where Creation in our Galaxy" began.

The frozen matter gets warmer and moist shrouds everything. Using the terms of modern Astrophysics, the "cold+moist" and the "hot+dry" directly can be interpreted as Hydrogen and Helium. When two hydrogen atoms collides, Helium is created releasing light (let there be light) and warmth and thereby accelerate the matter of the Creation.

In the course of this events, the Story concerns the very basics of Creation: When cold and warm matter meets and sets of a beginning of movement.

Out from the middle of Ginnungagap grows the cow Audhumbla, the first symbol of Creation. From Audhumbla´s udder floats rivers of milk.

Why "rivers of milk"? Because the color of the Milky Way is white. And that´s why a Cow is such a great symbol of Creation - of course together with many other symbols.

A Rock Carving from Norway and Turkey, both marking the centre of the Milky Way.

An Egyptian female, The Great Mother, radiating matter from the Womb compared to a Star Atlas with the southern contours of the Milky Way and the centre of the Milky Way marked with an inserted Spiral.

From the centre in "Audhumbla´s womb floats the rivers out and gives nourishment to the Giant Ymer, the second symbol of Creation.

On both sides of the Egyptian picture in the middle, the northern and the southern contours of our Milky Way. The Egyptian female picture are covered with Stars which clearly tells us that she have something to do with the Night Sky, and her name is Nut, queen of the Night and she is the Mother Goddess. If the left Star Atlas picture is placed under the right Atlas picture, we have the very same motif and meaning as on the Egyptian mythological picture.

Ymer drank of the 4 rivers of Milk and, while sleeping, 2 human beings, one woman and one man, grow out of his arm pits. And out from the giant Ymer, the whole Sky and World was created.

From the Danish Wessel of the Gundestrup Cauldron: The giant Ymer holding the first 2 humans, who are symbolized above in the Star Atlas pictures and on the Egyptian picture.

From Muspelheim in the south came more sparks of light which created the Stars, the Sun and the Moon. This indicates very strongly that our Solar System is created in the Centre of our Galaxy.


The number 3 symbolizes the 3 dimensions in the Norse Mythology, namely Midgaard where humans live, Asgaard above with Star Constellation fantasy pictures of both human-  and animal like beings. The third dimension, Udgaard, belongs to all giant beings directly connected to the fantasy pictures of the Milky way contours on the northern and the southern hemisphere. Every of these 3 dimensions or Worlds was mythological divides up in 3 subdivisions which gives the holy number of 9 Worlds in which for instants Odin and Balder traveled in order to gain knowledge from all dimensions.

The schematic drawing in the middle show the 3 dimensions or 3 Rings of worlds. Number 1 is your location on Earth, 2 is the Earth itself, 3 is the Star Heaven and 4 with its grey/white vaulting band on the night Sky. The Rock Carving pictures are from Ireland and Sweden.

This Rock Art Carving was found 2009.10.10 at the location of "Anebjerg" on the Northern part of the Baltic Island of Bornholm, Denmark, very close to my location.

 In the Rings, dots are engraved as symbols of the Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars encircling the Day- and Night Sky on the 3 dimensions or Worlds in the Norse Mythology. Such Cup Marks carved in the rings, are not that common. The figures in the image are symbolizing the revolving contours of the Milky Way. (Location explanation: "Anebjerg = "Ane" = Danish for "Ancient/forefathers/foremothers" and "bjerg" = Danish for mountain, the mythological archetype of the Primeval Mound, "the place where the Human live and rise from", the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.


In the middle of the World stands a tall ash tree, called Yggdrasil. Its crown reach up in Heaven and its roots stands in the Underworld. (Originally, the Tree of Life meant the the Galaxy Tree in the centre of our Galaxy, but the Tree of Life is also symbolized as the cooperative forces between the Sun and the Earth as told below:)

There have been many attempts to describe how our Nordic ancestors have imagined their perception of the World.

A Rock Art carving from Sweden shoving 2 Trees and the whole "Noah Arch" or the Norse Mythology great Ship "Skibladnir" sailing on the Heavenly Oceans. (http://www.native-science.net/Ship.Mythical.htm)

The Story of the World Tree is about how the creative forces works throughout the seasonal changes on the Earth. The giant tree Yggdrasil is standing in the middle of the Earth with its stem going TROUGH the Earth axis and its crown and roots spreading out in the Earth atmosphere! All the mythological animal figures mentioned in connection with the Ash Yggdrasil, are Star Constellations or Milky Way figures. Except from one special animal, namely the squirrel "Ratatosk"

The story of the World Tree is specifically dealing with the powers that works inside and outside the Earth throughout the seasons. It's first and foremost about how the geomagnetic forces inside and outside the Earth is working and how this force is creating all vegetable life on Earth. And it's about the Sun influences on the Earth magnetic fields both in a day and while the Earth is orbiting the Sun.

In the seasonal changes, the creative geomagnetic power increase and decrease because of the Sun radiation influence on the Earth magnetic fields daily and annually when the Earth axis leans away and towards the Sun throughout the season - and this qualitative changes goes both ways, "up and down" and of course it creates opposite seasonal phenomenon's on the northern and the southern hemisphere at the same time. And the geomagnetic forces creates both the vegetable tops and the roots trough the Earth daily and seasonal movement.

In the Spring time you can observe the soil damping. It's not only because of the Sun warming up the soil. Long before the Sun have a warming power the warmth of the geomagnetic force have slowly warmed up the soil deep within the ground. And if you cut a scratch or score in a tree stem some time before spring, you can observe how early the sap runs some time before the Sun have any greater warmth effect. This indicates an increasing geomagnetic  pressure from within the Earth up trough all vegetable matters. A geomagnetic pressure that increase and decrease in the seasons. Up and down - up and down. Just as the squirrel "Ratatosk" in the Norse Mythology.

Ratatosk is a squirrel running up and down on the Ash Yggdrasil world tree. Ratatosk can freely move between the worlds of ice in Niflheim and the world of fire in Muspelheim. Ratatosk brings the words from the Eagle in the top of Yggdrasil to the snake Nidhug below in the roots of Yggdrasil. Ratatosk talks with everybody in the 3 worlds or dimensions. Ratatosk brings news between all in the 3 worlds or dimensions. And there is a constantly fight between the Eagle in the crown of Yggdrasil and the Snake in the roots of Yggdrasil.


The squirrel Ratatosk is the specific symbol of the changing Geomagnetic Force itself. The story of Ratatosk is a fantastic precise construction of describing the creative process throughout the seasonal changes in the increasing and decreasing Geomagnetic creative force and as specific description of all vegetable growth.


In a world described in circles, it's NOT very likely that our Norse ancestors have a perception of a total end of the World! The story of Ragnarok is just a simple story of everything in life. Of Star Constellation figures are moving throughout the day and seasons. How everything grows and vanish. Of birth and dead - all the cyclic phenomenon's we humans can experience in a lifetime as well in bigger cyclic periods beyond our life.

- With this description I provisionally conclude the story of the Creation in the Norse Mythology - I hope you now are open for this modern attempt of interpretation of the old story! For my own part, I'm sure one can find similar connections and explanations between old and modern facts in every cultural Story of Creation all over the World.

It's just a matter of looking at the old stories and symbols in a new way and connect these to moderns scientific fact from Astronomy and Cosmology.