Most mythologicaL interested scholars and authors and lay folks are baffled over the very similar cultural Stories of Creation all over the world. By using the concept of Comparative Mythology and Religion, it all seems to be a successful interpretation and description, but when it comes to the very telling, it often ends up with personified and psychologized deities which even is thought to have wandered on the Earth and having geographic terrestrial locations, and no connections to anything above or below the Earth. The telling often becomes on the level of fairy tales and having no connections to its origin - which is OK when told to children, but of no use for adult ears, eyes and intellectual and spiritual minds.


As a Comparative Mythologist and a Natural Philosopher, I´ve studied the cultural myths and its connected astronomical and cosmological relationship for about 35 years (I´m 77) and my mythical approach is especially focused on the numerous cultural Stories of Creation. After all these years, I´ve made some conclusive basics of how myths are made and to what dimension they belong, and I would like to present these basic ideas/conclusions to eventual benefit for your own work and interest   as well as an importance to my own work and spiritual purpose. I´m beginning my description with a simple geographic origin of myths, the Myth Making process and move on to an astronomical/cosmological/mythical description and relate it all shortly to the similar creation myth telling in all cultures.

Note: If you´re having any problems of interpreting a cultural myth, I´m open for looking at it and discuss what´s up or down.  Just click on my mail contact and we´re going.

Article Contents

1.    The Geographic Origin of Myths

2.    The Myth Making Process

3.    The Human Imagined Four Dimensions.

4.    The Specific Creation Story.

5.    The Universe and Creation Story.

6.    Discussion

7.    Example of Mythical Misinterpretation

8.    Conclusion

9.    Links and Contact Information


The Geographic Origin of Myths

A.    If accepting the theory of the human origin to have raised from Africa, one also can claim in general the human mythology to have migrated all over the world.

B.    But if not, the human making of their myths must have raised locally all over the world – and of course in later historic times to have been culturally compared and changed as the longer cultural traveling began.

C.    Anyway, the most ancient mythical evidence of local tribes is when they become locally steadfast and their overall mythical telling is carved in stones all over the world, which is evidence for making these telling. Such observations takes times, often generations, to notice and mark celestial motions which determine the important observation of seasons.

D.    Modern scholars and authors have the migration approach because of the immense similarity of cultural myths all over the world.

E.    But this similarity is logical as we all live on the same planet Earth, in the same Solar System, in the same Milky Way galaxy and in the same local part of the physically observable Universe, which all is a part of the numerous global cultural STORIES OF CREATION which basics determines the same forces and qualities belonging to different cosmic forces of creation.

F.    Therefore, they are all the same and very recognizable and mythical comparative archetypical deities all over the world, and only differentially with local influences which have colorized the basic telling.

G.    This is of course most important if comparing the celestial scenario on the northern and southern hemispheres, of which the most important celestial scenario regard the direction to the galactic center of the Milky Way and its luminous creative central center, in some cultures mythically mentioned as “The First Light” and “The Cosmic Womb of Creation”.



The Myth Making Process.

A.    All over the world where humans live, they make their mythical stories and symbols from their local terrestrial physically sensed environmental conditions – and supplement their overall stories by having spiritual experiences of cosmos as such.

B.    This “binary” system produces both HORIZONTALLY and VERTICALLY images, stories, and symbols.

C.    As everything changes by daily motions throughout the seasons by the rotation of the Earth and its orbital motion around the Sun, and different celestial motions are also embedded in the mythical story telling.

D.    This telling also includes imaging of star constellations as human- and animal-like beings on the night Sky revolving around the Earth´s celestial poles. It even includes observations of the whitish contours of the crescent looking band of the Milky Way galaxy.

E.    When it comes to the factual Stories of Creation, the reference to the “spiritual out-of-body sensing” becomes actual and essential, especially as most creation stories have a starting point in chaos BEFORE the firm creation takes place, and this can ONLY be humanly sensed by using the “inner” spiritual which can communicate intuitively and directly with the “fine-electromagnetic structure” in the Universe.


The Human Imagined Four Realms.

A.    In Norse Mythology, the mythical Midgard is where humans live = The Earth. This is encircled of the Midgard Serpent, but more of this below.

B.    The mythical Asgard is the dimension of the Sun, Moon, the stars, and the star constellation and the wandering planets belong = The day and night sky scenario. The night part of this scenario also has a telling and symbolism of the Earth celestial axis, symbolized as a star in a circle, a wheel, a wheel with spokes, a wheel with many dots (stars) inside, and even multiple concentric rings with a dot in the middle. (Very logically indeed) Here most scholars have this Wheel to count as a “Sun Wheel”, but such a symbol is impossible to be naturally connected to the Sun, so it is logically a Polar Wheel around which everything on the night Sky seemingly is revolving because of the rotation of the Earth.

C.    The mythical Utgard goes beyond the entire Solar System itself, hence it belongs to the Milky Way contours and its motion and visibility throughout the seasons. This largest figure on the night Sky is observed by humans all over the world and imaged by both as animal- and human-like figures – or both. As compared to the star constellations sizes and their mythical naming, the Milky Way figure is the largest one observable on the night Sky, hence it belongs to the mythical GIANTS in general of animals or human figures of both genders. In this dimension the Earth encircling whitish band of our Milky Way galaxy give the mythical name of for instants the Midgard Serpent in the Norse Mythology, as well as to the mythical Ouroboros symbol.


The Specific Creation Story.

A.    The “Fourth Dimension” belongs to the cold and floating preconditions before the very making of the Milky Way galaxy and everything inside it. This is “the cosmic before situation”, where everything is floating in their cold elementary stages of atomic gases and dust, named mythologically as “primordial waters, oceans or rivers”. When these “oceans or rivers” are “set in motion” by electromagnetic LIGHT and its attractive polarity, the cosmic “chaotic” ocean or river is assembled into a whirling center of motion which heats up to a central “furious fire”, which sorts out and melts/binds gases together to become hot Stars and the “dust” to become Planets and Moons, everything of all kinds and sizes. This formative center is mythologically called “The Cosmic Womb” from where EVERYTHING in our galaxy is formed and dispersed out in the galactic surroundings.

B.    In this “forth dimension” our ancestors also noticed other galaxies which they mythically named as “islands in the cosmic sea”, a very logical naming, as these Cosmic Islands are floating around in the mythical “Primordial Waters”.

C.    The cultural and mythical ideas of using the terrestrial concept of water to describe cosmic and the nocturnal celestial scenario of our Milky Way is a very natural and logical naming, hence the contours of the Milky Way was named “The Milky Way River” in several cultures and THUS giving origin the many “Flood Myths” all over the world. A Flood/River running OVER the Earth in the night Sky and not ON the Earth as interpretated and thought by most scholars and authors.

D.    It’s also from this spiritual observation of our own Milky Way and other galaxies, that we have the very important cultural mythical symbols of Spirals, Mazes, and

Swastika´s, initially carved in stones and painted on cliff surfaces and in caves.


The Universe and Creation Story.

A.    Modern philosophical scholars and scientists are unnecessarily having their uncertainties regarding the creations as such. Some scholars have it for instants that the biblical telling goes for the entire Universe, and so do most scientists as well in their own cosmological domain.

B.    What´s beyond all doubts, is that our ancestors “only” concerned the specific cultural creation stories to at the most include the preconditions and factual formation of our Milky Way galaxy and the Solar System. Not that they didn´t know of the outer boundaries of the Milky Way galaxy, of which the numerous cultural engravings of spirals, mazes and swastika symbols are clear evidence for such an extra galactic knowledge.

C.    Our ancestors had the Universe to be eternal of nature with having an ongoing eternal process of cyclical changes between Formation, Dissolution and Re-Formation.

D.    The standing conventional – some even say “conceptually consensual”, or giving an debating and discussion expression of being on the intellectual brink of being concrete and indisputable. But by having the theoretical advances of the Universe once to have been made up by itself in a linear time scale, they’ve met all kinds of unexplainable causes which has led to pure intellectual speculations on almost EVERY aspect in their theories.

E.    Starting up with Newtons “occult gravity agency” which nobody can explain scientifically by what dynamic means it should work - and later followed up with yet another unknown occult agency, namely the idea of a “heavy black holes in galaxies” because Newton “universal gravitational law of celestial motion” was contradicted.  And later again having an exponentially expanding Universe the longer distance to an object which requires yet another occult agency, “dark energy”, one can only conclude the modern astrophysical and cosmological science intellectually and spiritually to have gone all in dark mode. The intellectual Light is turned of and all is in the dark.

F.    And, as with our bellowed natural and spiritually developed ancestors, science with all its technological instruments, will never ever see a beginning or an end of it all. All one can conclude is the cyclical process in nature everywhere in micro- and macrocosm. And this process goes all over in the Universe.

G.    But at least it kills time and is holding lots of scientific interested persons away from being in the pubs all day long. 



A.    If not having the full awareness of the mythical extended physical and spiritual knowledge of our ancestors, historic and present scholars and authors have no other options but to interpret the mythical heritage to be counted and interpretated for lesser options, namely only included the explanations from our Solar System and its celestial objects and their motions, and from specific physical conditions and symbols attached to the life of Earth in general.

B.    This limited situation of scholarly mythical approach, of course results in all kinds of mythical, astronomical, and cosmological skewing and disconnected telling distortions.

C.    The central light in our galaxy is interpreted as being the Sun and scholars are having huge problems of dealing with the mythical concept of “the first light” as the Sun and entire Solar system wasn´t even created before AFTER the first galactic light was made. This light was also mentioned in the mythical term of “The Enclosed Light”, which of course also are giving scholars serious intellectual headaches.

D.    It’s the same case of, for instants, differentiating the Egyptian primordial deity of Atum-Ra compared to Ra, the first one representing the central galactic light and the second one representing the Sun itself.

E.    The crescent shape of the hemispheric contour of our Milky Way galaxy is interpreted as the crescent Moon.

F.    Light or white colors of celestial objects (star constellations or the Milky Way contours) or white colors assigned to celestial deities, are interpreted as representing the Sun or the Moon, thus deducing starry or Milky Way matters to representing solar system matters only.

G.    An obvious and logical Polar Wheel becomes a Sun Wheel without even pondering over the very circled and centralizing symbol of revolving itself.

H.    A Midgard Serpent in Norse Mythology is thought just to horizontally encircle the local village, instead of the vertically encircling of the entire Earth.

I.      The numerous cultural Flood Stories is scholarly interpreted to once have run ON the Earth instead of OVER the Earth as a Milky Way River, high above all terrestrial mountains.


Example Of Mythical Misinterpretations.

A.    The Egyptian Story of Creation comes in few cultural period parts, but the main idea is to have 8 deities which works in the “Primordial Sea” as 4 pairs of complementary and elementary principles:

“These deities were Nun and Naunet (water), Amun and Amaunet (invisibility), Heh and Hauhet (infinity) and Kek and Kauket (darkness)”. (I.E: They were/are fundamental forces and formative qualities)

 “Together the four concepts represent the primal fundamental state of the beginning, they are what always was. In the myth, however, their interaction ultimately proved to be unbalanced, resulting in the arising of a new entity. When the entity opened, it revealed Ra, the fiery sun, inside”.

Here we have the first major problem of scholarly misinterpretation of myth and it´s scholarly handled and described as:

Quote from -
“His (the primordial deity and force Amun) name is generally translated as “the hidden one” or “the secret one” and it was thought that he created himself and then created everything else while remaining distanced and separate from the world. In that sense, he was the original inscrutable and indivisible creator. When he merged with Ra he became both a visible and invisible deity”.

How can one invisible primordial force Amun, merge with the Sun god Ra which is visible? No, the problem is that the scholarly Egyptologists don´t have their focus on the very creation story and its factual cosmological connections.

The first appearance of light in the creation story isn´t the Sun and it isn´t called Ra. It wasn´t and isn´t the Sun which has created everything we can observe on the day- and on a clear and darker seasonal nocturnal Sky scenario.

The Fiery Light (above) which become the result of the 4 pairs of formation, is directly connected to the Hathor (or Nut) Goddess as this light is “father” to Hathor who specifically resembles the Milky Way contours on the Earth´s southern hemisphere. That is: This First Light created the galactic Hathor, and there we have the solution of naming the First Light as Amun-Ra “Father and Light” of the Milky Way galaxy and the creator of his son, Ra, the Sun God.

All such scholarly misinterpretations is due to the same scholarly misconceptions and ignorance of the cosmological extent in the numerous cultural Stories of Creation which specifically is connected to the pre-condition and factual formation of the Milky Way galaxy. They simply overlook the textual mythical fact, that the Hathor Goddess is directly connected to the Milky Way contours and its mythology.

 This problem continue in lots of other scholarly interpretations of cultural mythical deities: The Greek Goddess Aphrodite and the Egyptian Goddess Hathor is equal to the Roman Goddess Venus, but because of the inherited naming from the Roman Pantheon to several planets, most of the interpretations of these goddesses are ascribed to planets – despite the direct and obvious Hathor connection to the Milky Way galaxy and to Amun-Ra, the prime deity of the Milky Way formation.

 And this mythological-cosmological misinterpretation goes on all over with other female and male interpretations from all cultures. Scholars have NO clues of the Milky Way connection and its symbolics, hence all myths as well as their astronomical and cosmological meaning goes lost.

Hopefully the content in this paragraph and entire article can correct these misconceptions and misinterpretations, so we can get some natural knowledge embedded in the fantastic mythical heritage from our most honorable ancestors who knew “what its all about”.



A.    On a specific evolution of cultures on Earth, it seems that the ancient natural physical and spiritual knowledge, have been exchanged for material and technical goods to such extent, that even cultures which have conserved their old mythical texts, have forgotten the huge extent of the mythical telling.

B.    Regarding the western cultures, I especially blame the Roman Empire for having discarded its multy deity mythology of both gender Pantheon of creation and adopted a religion with just it´s ONE divine mythical symbol, and even an invisible such.

C.    Well, al this is no excuses for not resuming the old genius mythical knowledge and start all over on the mythical drawing board, and this is my humble cause and purpose of posting this article.

D.    Certainly, and surely, our exhausted Earth needs such a quick resuming change of paradigm – and so does all other stressed living and vibrating things and beings.